Directional Drilling

Sahiba Enterprises currently own and operate a directional drill. This drill and rig is operated by competently trained staff and can be used for things such as Gas, Water, Electricity & telecommunications pipe placement.
Sahiba Enterprises anticipates growth in the volume of business it generates from customised solutions deployment and integration. In addition, Sahiba Enterprises seeks to further expand its business through the strategic alliances it maintains with world-class vendors.Sahiba Enterprises technology expertise and large-scale project experience are clear advantages in a field with increased technical complexity and in a market environment that favours onestop, end-to-end services provision.Sahiba Enterprises solution and product portfolio is at the core of the fastest-growing segments of the market.Sahiba Enterprises profile as an integrator, with experience in a wide range of technologies, makes the company the ideal partner for customers whose installed technological infrastructure is heterogeneous.

Trenchless Laying of Optical Fibre Cable (HDD)

Sahiba Enterprises have extensive experience in the running and splicing of Fibre Optic Cable. Sahiba Enterprises have specialised in this area over the last 13 years and are now considered leaders in the area of fibre placement. Sahiba Enterprises have the tools andcapability torunfibre optic cable in any location. Sahiba Enterprises are capable of over blowing fibre cablesinexisting ducts as well as running new fibre cables both aerially and  Manually Laying Optical Fibre Fibre Blowing ,Laying of Cable with Gas pipe line,Laying Fibre Optic Cable

Cable Hauling

Sahiba Enterprises have several crews working in the area of cable placement and hauling. These crews are capable of running fibre optic cables, coppers cables and coaxial cables both underground and aerially. These crews are fully equipped to complete all tasks competently and efficiently to the customer’s requirements. Sahiba Enterprises currently complete works in this area for clients such as L&T, HCL, Refineries, Cable Industries, BSNL, MTNL, Major ISPs, and the Indian Defence Force.

Splicing / Jointing / Testing

Sahiba Enterprises have qualified fibre optic splicer’s employed within the organisation. These staff members have had extensive fibre optic training and are capable of completing any splicing or testing tasks required. Sahiba Enterprsies are also capable of jointing in the copper field as used within the Telstra network. Sahiba Enterprises also complete fibre Optic and copper cable and equipment testing for our clients as required.

Working Process